We talked about opportunities, feminism and femininity with famous, successful and inspiring women whose husbands are clients of Indposhiv Bespoke House. And for the photo, we asked the girls to try on the suits of their spouses.
Notes on cuffs
The best men of Ukraine share their impressions of the first fitting, feelings from bespoke things, they talk about style and tell interesting stories from their extraordinary life.
Tribute to the lovers
Valentine's Day is a great occasion to find out who the best men of the country choose as life companions. We invited our clients and their beloved ones and talked with them about the history of their relationship.
Gentlemen of Ukraine
They are smart, charismatic, and inspiringly successful. That is why they were chosen by Indposhiv Bespoke House as the main characters of its large-scale photo project "Gentlemen of Ukraine"
Notes on Cuffs
We show, perhaps, the most important process in our work – fitting of a suit. A sacrament in the process of which a masterpiece is born.