Tailoring bespoke suits, jackets and other classic clothing
Our manifesto
I am the new Ukrainian man!
I encompass eastern traditions and western reasonability
I always owe something to someone and live up to expectations of others
I don’t belong to endangered species, however I am unique
I’ve proven everything to myself, I've stated my rules, I’ve chosen my style
My efficiency is always greater than 1
I’ve chosen to act in contrary to
And I follow the places where people move just alike
Indposhiv. Men’s bespoke club
We were the first bespoke studio in Ukraine and for more than 15 years we remain the leaders in the individual men’s suits production market. During this time, we have formed a professional team of more than fifty soul mates, who share Indposhiv values.
We take measurements and create anatomically precise personal patterns considering peculiarities in stature and client demands. We focus on flawless fit, softness of lines, and comfort of movements.
The key distinction of Indposhiv from readymade and made-to-measure suits is meticulous hand work and personalization. Indposhiv’s jackets and other pieces of garment are made manually– starting with buttonholes and ending with monogram embroidery.
In 2014 we expanded our geography and started working in London. Every 6-8 weeks we visit Savile Row where we meet with our clients, take measurements, do fittings and take orders.
We offer you a wide selection of fabrics (more than 40 thousand samples) from famous European manufacturers: Scabal, Loro Piana, Zegna, Dormeuil, and many others.
We have compiled exclusive catalogues of fabrics that have been personally selected in Italy proceeding from clients’ quality requirements and tastes. Choosing Indposhiv’s materials, you get advantages in terms of price and tailoring time, since these fabrics are always in stock.
We highly appreciate our clients’ time. We can organize offsite fitting in any city or country setting up the time and venue in advance.
In 2013, the well-known tailor and owner of an atelier on Savile Row, Richard Anderson, was highly impressed by the work of Indposhiv craftsmen.
What we do
We talked about opportunities, feminism and femininity with famous, successful and inspiring women whose husbands are clients of Indposhiv Bespoke House. And for the photo, we asked the girls to try on the suits of their spouses.
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Gentlemen of Ukraine
They are smart, charismatic, and inspiringly successful. That is why they were chosen by Indposhiv Bespoke House as the main characters of its large-scale photo project "Gentlemen of Ukraine"
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Trunk shows in three cities
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